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I did a fashion shoot with Tawny for her blog The Chic Chameleon. Go check out her post on our shoot here for more information about the fashion!   It was a pretty dreary day and at one point we hid from the rain inside a super Portland coffee shop that was perfect for this […]

Want to be on the model team for the Class of 2019? Go get on the VIP LIST!   This was one of the Team Eighteen Editorial Photoshoots for the Class of 2018 Spokesmodels. We originally had another plan for this editorial that involved the Rose Gardens in Portland but they hadn’t quite decided to […]

I am so happy that the 90’s fashion made a come back because I will take absolutely any excuse to dance around to the Backstreet Boys and introduce new people to the wonder that is Summer Girls by LFO.   90’s Kids was one of our Team Eighteen Editorials this year for my Class of […]