Tawny: The Chic Chameleon

I did a fashion shoot with Tawny for her blog The Chic Chameleon. Go check out her post on our shoot here for more information about the fashion!


It was a pretty dreary day and at one point we hid from the rain inside a super Portland coffee shop that was perfect for this outfit. The sun finally came through the window, and I’m obsessed with how the images turned out! 

The Chic Chameleon, Portland Coffee shop, olivia-renee.comThe Chic Chameleon, Portland Photo Shoot, olivia-renee.comThe Chic Chameleon, olivia-renee.comTawny, Portland Coffee Shop Photos, olivia-renee.comTawny, Portland Fashion Shoot, The Chic Chameleon, olivia-renee.comTawny, The Chic Chameleon, olivia-renee.com


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